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The tale how Rolls met Royce to produce the Classic Rolls Royce Perth

Charles Royce was born in 1877 , third son of the 1st Baron Llangattock and Lady Llangattock. but tragically died on 12 July 1910 aged only 32 in an airplane accident, incidentally, he was the first Englishman to be killed in an air accident/crash.

Educated at Eton College where his developing interest in engines earned him the nickname dirty Rolls. He went on and studied Mechanical & applied science at Cambridge and graduated in 1898 at the tender age of 22, during which time developed his love for the motor vehicle. However his talents and heart were to be found in motor pioneering and salesman ship.

In 1903 he borrowed money from his father and set up and one of the first motor car dealerships in England, CS Rolls & Co. based in London, importing Peugeot & Minerva cars from France and Belgium.

Henry Royce, youngest son of 5 children was born in 1863 & had to start work at only 9 years old when his father died. In 1878 was fortunate to start an apprenticeship with the Great northern railway in Peterborough. Then in 1884 he entered in to a partnership with a friend making domestic electric light fittings. They also started making dynamos and electric cranes and F.H. Royce & Company found. The company was re-registered in 1899 as Royce Ltd.

With ever increasing competition from Germany & the USA he turned his attentions to the new invention – the Motor car.

Unsatisfied with the cars he owned due to high exacting decided to improve on them.

Then in 1904 manufactured his own car called the Royce. The third car that was built was sold to a man called Edmund’s, a friend Charles Rolls.

On May 04 1904 the historic meeting was made between Rolls & Royce at the Midland Hotel in Manchester. However they were only being built by Rolls and sold by Royce, but would be badged as Rolls Royce.

It was not until 1906 that their partnership was formalized and Rolls Royce Limited was thus created and Charles Royce was made chief engineer and of works director. Royce thus provided the technical expertise to complement Rolls’ financial backing and business acumen.

Rolls Royce Perth wedding car hire

By 1907 the company was winning awards for the engineering reliability  and quality of its cars.

Henry Royce died 22 April 1933.

The modern day Rolls Royce cars is now made and owned by BMW .

Rolls Royce Perth

Genevieve is one of our principal wedding cars, she is a 1976 Rolls Royce and looks pretty spectacular when dressed for for a wedding.

We take great care in preparing all our cars for your special day and our attention to detail is second to none.

Our gleaming white silver shadow is available in Perth therefore guaranteed to to set the standard for the whole day.

Being born (built) in 1976 she is only 46 years young and has earned the vintage tag.

The silver shadow was first produced in 1965, replacing the then popular silver cloud and ran till 1977 then the series 11 shadow came out running until 1982. After which the silver spur / spirit replaced.

Since its introduction, more brides have probably traveled in the back of a Silver Shadow than any other single model of car.

When new, the silver shadow was a staggering £6,557.00, the average cost of a new house was only £2,530.00, & a Ford Cortina delux would set you back £666 10s .

Whilst the average UK working mans wage was only £16.00

So it was a truly luxurious motor vehicle for royalty, rich and famous..

We are proud of Genevieve our Silver Shadow at Rolls Royce Perth. We are equally proud to be able to be part of your special day.

Rolls Royce weddings Perth


SilverLady Wedding Car & Limousine Hire – Rolls Royce Perth are one of the most premier & respected classic car hirers in Perth. Our services are unmatched and unique. We provide a memorable experience and lasting memories every time.

At Rolls Royce Perth we love all types of classic &  cars and enjoy providing a high quality service.

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