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Understanding that transport is a rather significant part of the wedding day proceedings we feel privileged at Silverlady vintage car hire Perth able to offer Perth’s bride and grooms our selection of wedding cars for their special day. Consequently our aim is to make hiring one of these Vintage wedding car hire Perth completely stress free.

– By offering a professional and reliable service from the very first contact
– Guaranteed to add a touch of elegance and romance to your wedding Day

Looking for vintage wedding cars? We are sure to have a wedding car that suits your theme and budget.

Vintage wedding car hire Perth provides classic and vintage style wedding cars for hire in Perth and all surrounding suburbs. Having gained a long history of proven experience in wedding car hire we have become one of Perth’s respected & preferred wedding car suppliers.

Silverlady are a Perth family owned & operated business located in the northern suburbs of Perth.

Perth Vintage Car Hire

Appreciating that each wedding day is as unique as the bride and groom, we pride ourselves on being able to tailor our service to your exacting requirement`s to make your special day, special.

Most of all, we are a wedding hire company not a limo company that ‘do’ weddings, thus insuring our complete attention for such a most important occasion is had.

Considering hiring a vintage or classic wedding car? Then you have come to the right place. With our range, we can offer plenty of options.

The Lady Eloise, is a vintage Jaguar MkV and Genevieve a 1976 classic Rolls Royce silver shadow. Meaning we can create the perfect wedding transport plan to suit all tastes, preferences and budgets.

The Lady Eloise, a 1949 Jaguar MkV being our principal vintage bridal car.

Silverlady Vintage Car Hire

There are not too many 4 door sedan cars that look as good as the MkV. Alikened to such greats as Rita Hayworth, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe …. gorgeous & curvaceous. The unique styling of the Jaguar MkV makes them extremely photogenic. Not only that, they have become one of Australia’s most popular wedding cars. Proud and privileged to be able to offer you The Lady Eloise for your special day.

Need more capacity?

Take a look at our Chrysler 300C. Elegant and sophisticated complementing our old ladies.

We cater to all of your vintage car & wedding limousine needs and budgets.

Planning your wedding day is an exciting experience. But did you know that a 2014 survey revealed that the average Sydney wedding costs around $70,000. That’s right – Seventy Thousand Dollars!

There is no doubt that Sydney-siders are in for a hefty wedding bill. In fact this figure is nearly double the amount of the average Australian wedding which comes in at $36,200.

In reducing your overall wedding bill there are lots of strategies you can use to lower costs without skimping out on quality. Take for instance the cost of hiring a wedding limousine.

By following these 5 simple techniques you can save money on your wedding limo hire and still enjoy the luxurious style and comfort that this service has to offer.

1. Plan Ahead

When most people think of a wedding limo they think of the typical white stretch limousine. This is a great addition to a wedding as the white matches the traditional colour of the wedding dress and overall white theme. However limousine companies often provide much more choice than just a standard white stretch limo in their fleet of vehicles.

Luxury sedans, old vintage classic cars, exotic sports cars and the popular stretch Hummer are just a few of the other hire car alternatives that are provided by limousine companies. All with their own chauffeur so you can sit back and enjoy the ride. So what has all of this got to do with planning ahead?

Think about it. The longer you wait before making your booking the higher the chance of other people booking limousines on your wedding date. As other people make bookings what you will find is that they end up choosing all the lower priced vehicles first. So when you finally get around to making your booking, you end up having fewer vehicle options available to choose from, and these vehicles are typically the most expensive models in their fleet.

Sure you may get a more impressive vehicle but you will be paying the price for it. And if you would have been happy with the lower cost vehicle you lost your chance as you waited too long to make your booking.

So the key point with this strategy is to plan ahead. You will get more choice of available limousine vehicles and you can save money by booking a lower priced wedding hire car.

2. Ask for any Special Deals

Limo companies often have discounts and special deals running to increase their bookings. The deal could be at various times of the year or some other random occasion when they are having a special offer.

Now here is the funny thing. In some cases a limo companies website may not be up to date and sometimes the phone operators forget to mention their current deals or specials.

So whenever you are speaking with a limo company ask them if they have any current deals or special offers. This alone could save you hundreds of dollars by choosing a company with a special as opposed to one without. Vintage Car Hire

3. Combine Your Bookings for More Savings

Even if your limo company states they do not have any current specials, if you have a large order they are sure to negotiate with you to secure your booking.

For instance your wedding day may require more than just one limo. You may need one for the bride and groom, another for the groomsmen and a third for the bridal party. Also you may be considering hiring a limo for the bucks night and the hens night. Straight away a simple one limo booking for the wedding day can turn into 3 bookings with multiple cars across all bookings. Vintage Car Hire

Now you have some leverage to negotiate a lower cost across all bookings. Combining bookings is a sure-fire way to save money on limousine bookings and the same goes for repeat business. Vintage Car Hire

4. Request One Pickup Point

Having the limousine drive around and pickup multiple passengers all over Sydney is an easy way to blow out your limo hire costs. Instead arrange for all the limo passengers to meet at a central location and get the chauffeur to meet you in one location for the pickup.

This is an easy way to reduce your overall limo hire costs. Not to mention that the exciting limo ride will start right away. You will not have to spend time collecting everyone before the party really gets started.

5. Book the “Right” Time

Your limo bill will become a product of location, distance travelled and time spent. However what most people do not know is that going over your agreed time results in heavy penalty rates. This can really blow out your overall wedding limo costs.

When booking your limo for your wedding day it is safer to book the limo for a little bit extra time than is required. Even paying for an extra hour or two can save you money in the long run.

For example it is quite common for an unforeseen incident to occur which can delay your wedding day and result in your limo booking going over by as little as 30mins. The overtime penalty rates associated with such an event can be devastatingly high and this is common among most of the limousine companies.

To save money with this strategy make sure you are aware of the penalty rates before booking. Then to be safe book a little more time than is required. If on the day you realise that you are running ahead of time you can always use up the extra time by going on an extended joy ride and soaking up your limo experience.

Reducing wedding day costs is well within your reach. Use these 5 simple strategies to reduce the costs of your wedding limo hire without compromising on quality. Above all have fun and remember this is a day you are going to remember for the rest of your lives. In fact is signifies the start of your new life together Overall make sure you treat the planning of this day with the respect and dedication it deserves. I wish you the best with your wedding day plans and your new life together.

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