Jaguar MkV

Jaguar Mark V was a luxury automobile built by Jaguar Cars Ltd of Coventry in England from 1948 to 1951 and launched on 27 October 1948 at the London Motor Show

Jaguar MkV  shared the same chassis as the Jaguar XK120 – whixch, at the time was the world’s fastest production car.

It was available as a four-door Saloon (sedan) and a two-door convertible known as the Drop Head Coupé, both versions seating five adults. It was the first Jaguar with independent front suspension, first with hydraulic brakes, first with spats (rear wheel/fender skirts).

Other firsts included:

First specifically designed to be produced in both Right and Lefthand drive configurations.

First with disc centre wheels.

First with smaller wider 16″ balloon tyres.

First to be offered with sealed headlamps and flashing turn signals for the important American market, and the last model to use the pushrod engines

The origin of the Mark V name, always printed in company documents as a Roman numeral V, never an Arabic number 5, is somewhat mysterious as there had been no Mk I to IV Jaguars and the MK IV designation was only given to its predecessor after the launch of the Mark V.

Jaguar MkV

These cars, Jaguar MkV wedding car have been likened to such greats as Rita Hayworth, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe …. gorgeous & curvaceous that are very easy on the eye!

Their unique styling with beautiful Art Deco curved lines, long sweeping running boards, wealth of chrome front and rear bumper, large fluted grille and burr wood has made it one of Perth`s most popular wedding cars.

Jaguar MkV wedding cars

Jaguar MkV wedding cars

Our cars are finished in wedding white (ivory) & just begs to convey brides which makes them ideal for wedding cars.

Jaguar MkV vehicle inspection & important information

However, we do strongly encourage inspection of your special car/s. It`s not only that we just love to show off our cars, but unless you are familiar with the type of vehicle it`s possible to get a preconceived idea which, on the day may be too late.

It`s also the fact that the vintage cars are smaller than modern day vehicles which could mean the rear cabin being ‘cosy’ depending on dress size and statue when at capacity.

Being vintage also means we do not travel at modern vehicle speeds, therefor longer travelling times between venues may be necessary.

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