Indian wedding custom

Indian wedding customs

We love our Indian wedding customs at Silverlady. These customs and traditions add a whole new feel to the  white wedding cermonies and are always colorful and exciting to be part of .

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This Hindu custom “Vidaai” (also known as Bidaai) is as traditional as the wedding itself & happens to be one of the most important parts in the wedding proceedings for the bride and her parents, although playful.

Females are considered the ‘Goddess Lakshmi’ as per Hindu religion –  goddess of wealth and good fortune and during this ritual it is to ensure that when she leaves her family, it preserves the values of wealth and prosperity for the family.

Indian weddingsThe Father of the Bride

The Father of the Bride is usually the last one in the long line to bid his daughter farwell in her new life, before the handing of her to her groom, now husband.

His request from the Groom is to care for his daughter and to forgive mistakes of her. To be a constant guide through theie journey of matromony, as he is essentially ‘giving away’ his most cherished and beloved possession-his daughter. Not too much unlike the traditional white wedding.

This crucial moment in the ceremony, defines this ritual and gives it its memorable emotional connection – a father’s love for his daughter.Indian wedding car hire


Indian wedding customs

Vidaai custom Family and relatives of the Bride accompany her to the exit of the wedding venue, her parents leading the pack holding their daughter close. Before crossing the doorstep the Bride is given a handful of rice, and sometimes coins, which she is required to throw over her head behind her as she leaves. This is supposed to symbolize a repayment to her parents for all that they have given her throughout the years. She conveys good wishes for her parents and shows them gratitude for loving and caring for her all her life – by doing so she maintains that the house of her childhood remains happy and prosperous.

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